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Robert K. Doot, PhD

Robert K. Doot, PhD Researcher

Research Assistant Professor of Radiology

Dr. Doot is employed by Penn Medicine.

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American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) Abdominal Committee, National Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, International International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, International Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Quantitative Imaging, International Society for Neuroscience, International Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, International

Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Doot is employed by Penn Medicine.


Description of Research Expertise:

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) tracer selection and methodology development
Kinetic analysis of dynamic PET images
Neuroimaging of drug addiction
Quantitative molecular imaging
PET/CT calibration

Selected Publications:

Dubroff, J. G., R. K. Doot, M. Falcone, R. Schnoll, R. F. Tyndale, A. L. Brody, C. Hou, A. Schmitz, and C. Lerman: "Decreased nicotinic receptor availability in smokers with slow rates of nicotine metabolism." J Nucl Med. 56 (11): 1724-9,2015.

Doot, R. K., E. S. McDonald, and D. A. Mankoff: "Role of PET quantitation in the monitoring of cancer response to treatment: review of approaches and human clinical trials." Clin Transl Imaging. 2 (4): 295-303,2014.

Doot, R. K., L. A. Pierce, D. Byrd, B. Elston, K. C. Allberg, and P. E. Kinahan: "Biases in multicenter longitudinal PET standardized uptake value measurements." Transl Oncol. 7 (1): 48-54,2014.

Doot, R. K., B. F. Kurland, P. E. Kinahan, and D. A. Mankoff: "Design considerations for using PET as a response measure in single site and multicenter clinical trials." Acad Radiol. 19 (2): 184-90,2012.

Doot R. K., T. Thompson, B. E. Greer, K. C. Allberg, H. M. Linden, D. A. Mankoff, and P. E. Kinahan: "Early experiences in establishing a regional quantitative imaging network for PET/CT clinical trials." Magn Reson Imaging. 30 (9): 1291-300,2012.

Dunnwald L. K., R. K. Doot, J. M. Specht, J. R. Gralow, G. K. Ellis, R. B. Livingston, H. M. Linden, V. Gadi, B. F. Kurland, E. K. Schubert, M. Muzi, and D. A. Mankoff: "PET tumor metabolism in locally advanced breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Value of static versus kinetic measures of fluorodeoxyglucose uptake." Clin Cancer Res. 17 (8): 2400-9,2011.

Doot, R. K., M. Muzi, L. M. Peterson, E. K. Schubert, J. R. Gralow, J. M. Specht, and D. A. Mankoff: "Kinetic analysis of 18F-fluoride PET images of breast cancer bone metastases." J Nucl Med. 51 (4): 521-7,2010.

Doot, R. K., J. S., Scheuermann, P. E. Christian, J. S. Karp, and P. E. Kinahan: "Instrumentation factors affecting variance and bias of quantifying tracer uptake with PET/CT." Med Phys. 37 (11): 6035-46,2010.

Doot, R. K., L. K. Dunnwald, E. K. Schubert, M. Muzi, L. M. Peterson, P. E. Kinahan, B. F. Kurland, and D. A. Mankoff: "Dynamic and static approaches to quantifying 18F-FDG uptake for measuring cancer response to therapy, including the effect of granulocyte CSF." J Nucl Med. 48 (6): 920-5,2007.

Doot, R. K., H. Hess, and V. Vogel: "Engineered networks of oriented microtubule filaments for directed cargo transport." Soft Matter. 3 (3): 349-56,2007.

Academic Contact Info

Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
John Morgan Building, Room 160A
3620 Hamilton Walk FL 1

Philadelphia, PA 19104-4800
Phone: (215) 573-6016