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Daniel J. Licht, MD Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Provider

Associate Professor of Pediatrics Associate Professor of Neurology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Licht is employed by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Clinical Specialties


  • Neurology

Programs & Centers:

  • Heart and Vascular Research

Board Certification:

  • Neurology - Child Neurology, 2003

Education and Training

Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Residency: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Fellowship: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


American Academy of Neurology, National American Stroke Association, National International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, International Neurocritical Care Society, International Society for Pediatric Research, International the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Collaborative, International The Child Neurology Society, National ZNS1 SRB-T (33) Translational and Next Generation Brain Device Review, NINDS, National ZRG1 SBIB-V (82)-SBIB Pediatric and Fetal Applications, virtual, NIH, National

Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Licht is employed by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Hospital Privileges:

  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: Has privileges to treat patients in the hospital.


Description of Research Expertise:

I am a child neurologist with expertise in the care of the critically ill infants and children. My clinical practice informs my research endeavors as I try to understand how the delivery of care affects cerebral blood flow and brain metabolic use of oxygen. My research uses non-invasive imaging techniques, including MRI and Optics, which, when combined, offer both high anatomic resolution and time sensitivity.

As a consequence of my research in infants with severe congenital heart defects, I have begun exploring fetal research. I have developed an MRI technique to qualitatively assess fetal brain development as a tool to monitor fetal brain health. This is now being used to monitor a drug trial for a neuroprotective agent for fetuses identified with severe congenital heart defects. I am currently leading research to non-invasively image placental anatomy and function.

Selected Publications:

Lautz Andrew J, Morgan Ryan W, Karlsson Michael, Mavroudis Constantine D, Ko Tiffany S, Licht Daniel J, Nadkarni Vinay M, Berg Robert A, Sutton Robert M, Kilbaugh Todd J: Hemodynamic-Directed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Improves Neurologic Outcomes and Mitochondrial Function in the Heart and Brain. Critical care medicine 47 (3): e241-e249,2019.

Lawrence Kendall M, McGovern Patrick E, Mejaddam Ali, Rossidis Avery C, Baumgarten Heron, Kim Aimee, Grinspan Judith B, Licht Daniel J, Didier Ryne A, Vossough Arastoo, Radaelli Enrico, Rychik Jack, Song Limei, Peranteau William H, Davey Marcus G, Flake Alan W, Gaynor J William: Chronic intrauterine hypoxia alters neurodevelopment in fetal sheep. The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery : 2019.

Mavroudis Constantine D, Mensah-Brown Kobina G, Ko Tiffany S, Boorady Timothy W, Massey Shavonne L, Abend Nicholas S, Nicolson Susan C, Morgan Ryan W, Mascio Christopher E, Gaynor J William, Kilbaugh Todd J, Licht Daniel J: Electroencephalographic Response to Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest in Neonatal Swine and Humans. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery 106 (6): 1841-1846,2018.

Ko Tiffany S, Mavroudis Constantine D, Baker Wesley B, Morano Vincent C, Mensah-Brown Kobina, Boorady Timothy W, Schmidt Alexander L, Lynch Jennifer M, Busch David R, Gentile Javier, Bratinov George, Lin Yuxi, Jeong Sejin, Melchior Richard W, Rosenthal Tami M, Shade Brandon C, Schiavo Kellie L, Xiao Rui, Gaynor J William, Yodh Arjun G, Kilbaugh Todd J, Licht Daniel J: Non-invasive optical neuromonitoring of the temperature-dependence of cerebral oxygen metabolism during deep hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass in neonatal swine. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism : official journal of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism : 271678X18809828,2018.

Jalali Ali, Simpao Allan F, Gálvez Jorge A, Licht Daniel J, Nataraj Chandrasekhar: Prediction of Periventricular Leukomalacia in Neonates after Cardiac Surgery Using Machine Learning Algorithms. Journal of medical systems 42 (10): 177,2018.

Porcari Giulia S, Beslow Lauren A, Ichord Rebecca N, Licht Daniel J, Kleinman Jonathan T, Jordan Lori C: Neurologic Outcome Predictors in Pediatric Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Prospective Study. Stroke 49 (7): 1755-1758,2018.

Lynch Jennifer M, Ko Tiffany, Busch David R, Newland John J, Winters Madeline E, Mensah-Brown Kobina, Boorady Timothy W, Xiao Rui, Nicolson Susan C, Montenegro Lisa M, Gaynor J William, Spray Thomas L, Yodh Arjun G, Naim Maryam Y, Licht Daniel J: Preoperative cerebral hemodynamics from birth to surgery in neonates with critical congenital heart disease. The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery 156 (4): 1657-1664,2018.

Rychik Jack, Goff Donna, McKay Eileen, Mott Antonio, Tian Zhiyun, Licht Daniel J, Gaynor J William: Characterization of the Placenta in the Newborn with Congenital Heart Disease: Distinctions Based on Type of Cardiac Malformation. Pediatric cardiology 39 (6): 1165-1171,2018.

Gaynor J William, Nicolson Susan C, Spray Diane M, Burnham Nancy B, Chittams Jesse L, Sammarco Therese, Walsh Kevin W, Spray Thomas L, Licht Daniel J: Remote Ischemic Preconditioning does not Prevent White Matter Injury in Neonates. The Annals of thoracic surgery 106 (1): 151-155,2018.

Mavroudis Constantine D, Karlsson Michael, Ko Tiffany, Hefti Marco, Gentile Javier I, Morgan Ryan W, Plyler Ross, Mensah-Brown Kobina G, Boorady Timothy W, Melchior Richard W, Rosenthal Tami M, Shade Brandon C, Schiavo Kellie L, Nicolson Susan C, Spray Thomas L, Sutton Robert M, Berg Robert A, Licht Daniel J, Gaynor J William, Kilbaugh Todd J: Cerebral mitochondrial dysfunction associated with deep hypothermic circulatory arrest in neonatal swine. European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery : official journal of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery 54 (1): 162-168,2018.

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Academic Contact Info

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Pediatric Neurology
10th Floor Colket Translational Research Bldg, rm 10030
3501 Civic Center Blvd

Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (267) 426-5025