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Corrado A Cancedda, MD, PhD

Corrado A Cancedda, MD, PhD Researcher

Director Botswana University Of Pennsylvania Partnership Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Dr. Cancedda is employed by Penn Medicine.

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Clinical Specialties

Programs & Centers:


Partners in Health, International

Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Cancedda is employed by Penn Medicine.


Selected Publications:

Cancedda C, Binagwaho A, Kerry V: It is time for academic institutions to align their strategies and priorities with the Sustainable Development Goals BMJ Glob Health 3 (6): 2018.

Cancedda C, Cotton P, Shema J, Rulisa S, Riviello R, Adams LV, Farmer PE, Kagwiza J, Kyamanywa P, Mukamana D, Mumena C, Tumusiime DK, Mukashyaka L, Ndenga E, Twagirumugabe T, Kaitesi M, Dusabejambo V, Walker TD, Nkusi E, Bazett-Matabele L, Butera A, Rugwizangoga B, Kabayiza JC, Kanyandekwe S, Kalisa L, Ntirenganya F, Dixson J, Rogo T, McCall N, Corden M, Wong R, Mukeshimana M, Gatarayiha A, Kayonga E, Yaman A, Musabeyezu J, Sliney A, Nuthulaganti T, Kernan M, Okwi P, Rhatigan J, Barrow J, Wilson K, Reece R: Health Professional Training and Capacity Strengthening through International Academic Partnerships: The First Five Years of the Human Resources for Health Program in Rwanda Int J Health Policy Manag 7 (11): 2018.

Hackley DM, Mumena CH, Gatarayiha A, Cancedda C, Barrow JR: A Case Study Optimizing Human Resources in Rwanda's First Dental School: Three Innovative Management Tools J Dental Educ 82 (6): 602-607,2018.

Corrado Cancedda: Academic Global Health Partnerships in the Era of the Sustainable Development Goals: How Do We Measure Success? Wharton Leadership Digest : 2018.

Eyal N, Cancedda C, Hurst SA, Kyamanywa P: Coordinating Between Medical Professions’ Tasks to Optimize Sub-Saharan Health Systems: A Response to Recent Commentaries Int J Health Policy Manag 6 (2): 123-125,2017.

Wroe EB, McBain RK, Michaelis A, Dunbar EL, Hirschhorn LR, Cancedda C: A Novel Scenario-Based Interview Tool to Evaluate Nontechnical Skills and Competencies in Global Health Delivery J Grad Med Educ 9 (4): 467-472,2017.

Cancedda C, Riviello R, Wilson K, Scott KW, Tuteja M, Barrow JR, Hedt-Gauthier B, Bukhman G, Scott J, Milner D, Raviola G, Weissman B, Smith S, Nuthulaganti T, McClain CD, Bierer BE, Farmer PE, Becker AE, Binagwaho A, Rhatigan J, Golan DE: Building Workforce Capacity Abroad While Strengthening Global Health Programs at Home: Participation of Seven Harvard-Affiliated Institutions in a Health Professional Training Initiative in Rwanda Academic medicine 92 (5): 649-658,2017.

Eyal N, Cancedda C, Hurst SA, Kyamanywa P: Coordinating Between Medical Professions' Tasks to Optimize Sub-Saharan Health Systems: A Response to Recent Commentaries Int J Health Policy Manag 6 (2): 123-125,2016.

Cancedda C, Davis SM, Dierberg KL, Lascher J, Kelly JD, Barrie MB, Koroma AP, George P, Kamara AA, Marsh R, Sumbuya MS, Nutt CT, Scott KW, Thomas E, Bollbach K, Sesay A, Barrie A, Barrera E, Barron K, Welch J, Bhadelia N, Frankfurter RG, Dahl OM, Das S, Rollins RE, Eustis B, Schwartz A, Pertile P, Pavlopoulos I, Mayfield A, Marsh RH, Dibba Y, Kloepper D, Hall A, Huster K, Grady M, Spray K, Walton DA, Daboh F, Nally C, James S, Warren GS, Chang J, Drasher M, Lamin G, Bangura S, Miller AC, Michaelis AP: Strengthening Health Systems While Responding to a Health Crisis: Lessons Learned by a Nongovernmental Organization During the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic in Sierra Leone J Infect Dis 214 (suppl 3): S153-S163,2016.

Eyal N, Cancedda C, Kyamanywa P, Hurst SA: Non-physician Clinicians in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Evolving Role of Physicians Int J Health Policy Manag 5 (3): 149-53,2015.

Academic Contact Info

3737 Chestnut Street Apartment 703
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (617) 521-5500