Focused, Fearless, and Forward-Thinking: Lauding Pennsy’s Nursing Leaders

It’s the “Year of the Nurse” according to the World Health Organization — and what a year 2020 has been so far! All of PAH’s frontline nurses have overcome unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus, going above and beyond and giving their all.

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  • Theresa

    Vantage Point: Theresa Larivee, Chief Executive Officer

    July 08, 2020
    Over the past several months, I have been in awe of the extraordinary efforts of every Pennsylvania Hospital staff member as we’ve faced the coronavirus crisis.
  • Justice

    Pennsy Takes Initial Integral Steps Towards Racial Justice

    July 08, 2020
    As the community reckons with COVID-19 concerns, economic anxieties, and the civil unrest sparked by the tragic deaths of multiple Black Americans, to say that the past several months have been difficult for the staff of PAH and indeed for the world would be an understatement.
  • Herculean

    Honoring a Nursing Team’s Herculean Efforts

    July 08, 2020
    In a time characterized by widespread uncertainty, health care professionals on the front lines have had to learn to expect the unexpected. For PAH’s 4 Cathcart nursing team, this was especially true when they learned that their plans to transition to 6 Schiedt needed to accelerate in an effort to prepare for a coronavirus surge.
  • teaser

    PAH Celebrates Superheroes in Scrubs and Surgical Masks

    May 21, 2020
    It’s difficult to find a silver lining in the midst of a global pandemic that requires daily sacrifices, resilience, and courage. But a glimmer of hope in a bleak time shines in Pennsylvania Hospital’s extraordinary employees and their compassion, professionalism, and unity.
  • vantage point

    Vantage Point: Theresa Larivee, Chief Executive Officer

    May 21, 2020
    Over the course of three months, COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lives. As we adjust to our “new normal,” never before have our roles as health care professionals been more difficult, nor have they ever been more critical to the well-being of our community.
  • Difference

    Difference Makers: Choosing Faith Over Fear on the Front Lines

    May 21, 2020
    Long before ventilators were making headlines, respiratory therapists like Pennsylvania Hospital’s Roy Beatty were working tirelessly to help patients breathe comfortably and independently.
  • unsung hero

    Honoring an Unsung EVS Hero

    May 21, 2020
    Amidst the anxiety and adversity caused by COVID-19, Environmental Services technician Shakasee Daniels has continued to serve as a bright spot for the Pennsy community.
  • Investigators

    Introducing Pennsy’s Infection Investigators

    May 21, 2020
    PAH is stringently screening temperatures, restricting visitor access, requiring proper personal protective equipment, and cleaning and disinfecting in order to flatten the curve — but what happens when coronavirus exposures occur?
  • Retirement

    A Retirement to Remember

    May 21, 2020
    Last month, Pennsy said a fond farewell to Debra Runyan, MT(ASCP), CIC, who retired after 34 exceptional years of service.
  • pride

    Pennsy Pride 2020: A Spotlight on Nursing Excellence

    April 08, 2020
    Pennsy Pride Week is always an exciting time at Pennsylvania Hospital. Organized by the department of Nursing and held in February, the week offers a chance for the hospital’s tireless nursing staff to celebrate their colleagues’ achievements, reflect on the challenging but fulfilling work they do each day, and most importantly, take a well-deserved break.
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