Each year at HUP’s Gospelrama event, the Pastoral Care team takes time to recognize staff members whose generous, empathetic, and compassionate attitudes supports Pastoral Care in meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families. These staff members are named “honorary chaplains” and members of the Circle of Friends. This year, the HUP-based group welcomed into the fold employees from other hospitals for the first time, including PAH’s Patient and Guest Relations team.

Director Eileen Murphy, MSL, patient coordinators Olga Bruno, Maegan Kyser, and Keith Symons, and administrative assistant Barbara DeFlavis were celebrated by the Circle of Friends for their “pastoral spirit” and their dedication to supporting patients, visitors, and members of the community in any way they can. The team works diligently to ensure every patient and visitor has a positive experience and feels supported and cared for. Not only are they well-equipped to answer any questions that arise during a hospital visit, but they also act as advocates, listening ears, helping hands, and problem solvers.

“We are very excited and honored to be recognized as honorary chaplains in the Circle of Friends. Our staff works very closely with Madeline Dawson, Chaplain for PAH, the CPE students, and community clergy to ensure our patients spiritual needs are met,” Murphy said. “In talking with our patients, we realize the importance of spiritual care in the healing process and are so grateful we can partner with this amazing group of individuals to provide such a wonderful service.”

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