Your-Big-IdeaYou can submit ideas from May 14 - June 7, 2013

The Your Big Idea Challengefocuses on finding opportunities for all us in Penn Medicine to be moreefficient while continuing to excel at our tripartite mission of patient care,education and research. The Challenge includes some new features andenhancements over last year — including the Prove Us Wrong challenge,where submitters will have a chance to develop an idea even if it doesn’t makeit through to the next round right away. More ideas will be implemented thanlast year, and faculty and staff will be provided with training and resourcesto pursue ideas independently.

What’s the Cost-Savings Challenge?

Building off the success of the innovationtournament, this Cost-Savings Challenge provides a forum for everyone tocontribute. A strong culturalattribute of Penn Medicine is our ability to respond to a challenge bydiscovering new and better ways of improving care.

To that end, a Cost-SavingsChallenge was started on May14, which encourages members of the Penn Medicine Community tosubmit their cost savings ideas. Ideas that hold promise will be reviewed andvalidated for cost savings potential.

KiosksPatient Services Kiosks, a winning idea fromthe first innovation tournament, are now being piloted at PPMC. 

How does it work?

Faculty and staff submit cost-savings ideasvia the Your Big Idea Website,

Ideas are evaluatedby the entire Penn Medicine community on the website, and by aninterdisciplinary Review Team.

Ideas are then tagged as either a “QuickFix,”  “Commissioned Idea,” or a “ProveUs Wrong” idea.  Each of these paths hasits own unique workflow that provides training and resources for implementation.

  • Quick Fix
     Ideas thatcan be easily implemented with immediate cost savings opportunities;
  • Commissioned Idea
    Ideas that hold promise but need further validation for their cost savingspotential;
  • Prove Us Wrong
    Ideas that don’t appear to have cost savings potential—butfaculty/staff are provided an opportunity to present additional evidence ofviability of their idea to senior leaders.

Thedeadline for submissions is Friday, June 7.

For the complete YOUR BIG IDEA CostSavings Challenge Timeline, please visit: