Recently,the American Society of Health-SystemPharmacists(ASHP) came to Pennsylvania to conduct a Residency Accreditation Survey. The ASHPis a national professional organization with nearly 40,000 members, includingpharmacists, pharmacy technicians and students, who provide patient careservices in hospital, health systems, and ambulatory clinics. For the past 70years, the ASHP has been at the forefront of efforts to improve medication useand enhance patient safety by advocating and supporting pharmacy staffs so theymay help people achieve optimal health outcomes.  


Shown clockwise from the bottom left inthe PAH original Pharmacy space which is now the Great Court Conference Roomare: Tiffany So (Pharmacy resident), Poonam Chhunchhua (Pharmacy resident), LisaLifshin (surveyor), Jane Pruemer (surveyor), Sara Stahle, Dominic Mignone, DanWilson, Lindsay Varga, Liz Marino, Carolyn Orendorff, (program director),Jackie von Vital, Tracy Miller, Thanh Pham, Mina Ricciardelli, and DennisConstan.

“The Pennsylvania Hospital Pharmacy did a terrificjob on the ASHP survey,” said Suzanne Y. Brown,MS, RPh, directorof Pharmacy Services.On behalf of the Department of PharmacyServices, I would like to thank all who participated in the survey. Thesurvey team was impressed not only with our level of Pharmacy services, butwith the way we effectively addressed patient care from an interdisciplinary teamapproach. They commented that the collaboration across the disciplines wasevident in every session of the survey,” said Brown.   


Pennsylvania Hospital Apothecary Shop, c.1920s.

As a result of the successful survey, thesurveyors are recommending accreditationfor the PAH Pharmacy Residency Program to the ASHP Commission on Credentialingat their bi-annual meeting in August. The Commission will then vote and the PAHPharmacy will receive final notification in September.

“It’s really exciting for our Pharmacy Teamand Residency Program to receive this recognition,” added Brown.  “We’re committed to working with ourcolleagues throughout the hospital to provide the best medication managementfor our patients. And we firmly enforce the ASHP vision that medication usewill be optimal, safe, and effective for all people – all the time.”

The original Hospital Apothecary space isstill actively in use as the current Great Court Conference Room, on the groundlevel of the historic Pine Building. Structural remnants of the apothecary'sarchitecture still remain as a reminder of the room's unique past.


Aplaque currently on the wall outside the Great Court Conference Roomreads:  The First Hospital Pharmacy in the thirteen colonies was established atthe Pennsylvania Hospital in 1752. It was moved into this room in 1800 andremained here until 1927. It was in this room in March of 2013, that thefirst hospital pharmacy learned that the first pharmacy residency program atPennsylvania Hospital would be recommended for accreditation to the AmericanSociety of Hospital Pharmacists Commission on Credentialing. 

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