GreensGrow-farmEat local with a Greensgrow City Supported Agriculture(CSA) membership and get six months of great local food. The Greensgrow Farms CSA program providesa convenient way to enjoy fresh, local food. It’s also a great way to supportlocal farms and the local economy, all the while creating a fresh foodlifestyle for you and your family that reflects the local bounty of theseasons.

Best of all? CSA brings thefarm to you at PAH!

 What’sin my CSA?

• A seasonal assortment(5-8 items) of locally grown, fresh vegetables.

• A selection of fruitthat reflects the abundance of the season

• A dairy/proteinoption that includes your choice of eggs, tofu and much more

• 1/3 of all sharesinclude artisan cheese

• Included in yourmembership is a subscription to OrganicGardening magazine.

ShouldI Do a Full or Half Share?
The full share (weekly)is suitable for a family or sharing with a group of coworkers or friends. Thehalf share option (every other week) is well suited to small households, or tothose who travel often or are just learning to cook. With a half share, you’llget the same amount of food as a full share, but you’ll pick up every otherweek.

How to Sign Up for detailed info and sign up Call215.380.4355 or email if you have any questions.

How long does itrun?
    24 weeksfrom late May to mid-November 2013

Where & When
    Pennsylvania Hospital Elm Garden Cafeteria
    Thursdays from 11 am – 2 pm

What doesit cost?
Full Share: 24pickups for $775 ($32.30 per pickup)
    Half Share: 13pickups for $435 ($33.45 per pickup)

Who isGreensgrow Farms?
Gressngrow Farms is anon-profit organization based in Kensington and is a nationally recognizedleader in sustainable urban farming. They “green” urban space that has once beendeemed useless, and bring fresh, local food, flowers and jobs to the people of Philadelphia. 


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