Your-Big-IdeaThisspring, Penn Medicine embarked on the "Your Big Idea Challenge." Thiscost-saving challenge program focuses on finding opportunities to be moreefficient while continuing to excel in patient care, teaching and research. Allideas are being reviewed and validated for their implementation potential.

More than 1,000 of our Penn Medicinecolleagues submitted an idea to the Your Big Idea Challenge and now it’s timefor us all to weigh in and say what we think of those ideas!

The whole Penn Medicine community is invited to rate ideas – on a scale of oneto five – posted on the website from Tuesday, June 18, to Friday, June 21. Theresults will be communicated via email the week of June 24. To review and rateideas, click here. Ideas are randomly presented tovisitors of the site to help ensure every idea gets a fair shake.

Click here formore information.

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