Headshot-2It isa matter of fact: diabetes is becoming more prevalent in US. According to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, from 1980 through 2011, the numberof Americans diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled from 5.6 to 20.9million. And that’s only the number of persons actually diagnosed. Many may have diabetes or be pre-diabetic and not evenknow it. 

Regina Linehan, director of the PAH DiabetesEducation Center


Topromote quality education for people with diabetes, the American Headshot-1DiabetesAssociation (ADA) endorses the National Standards for Diabetes Self-ManagementEducation. To support this goal, the ADA Education Recognition Program assesseswhether applicants meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self ManagementEducation. Congratulations to Regina N.Linehan RN, MS, CDE, director, and NatalieGamble MPH, CHES, health educator, of the Pennsylvania Hospital DiabetesEducation Center, who have achieved ADA recognition, making PAH one of only 12ADA recognized diabetes education centers in all of Philadelphia. This recognitionlasts until 2017. 

Natalie Gamble, health educator at thePAH Diabetes Education Center

TheDiabetes Education Center consuls PAH inpatients with diabetes and also workswith outpatient health clinics. Regina and Natalie frequently speak aboutdiabetes care at organizations working with underserved populations in the PAHcommunity. 

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