New-year-babyJoly Soto-Hojnowski thought her queasy feeling mighthave come from the chicken cordon bleu she ate on New Year's Eve. She neverdreamed she was in labor already. Her baby was not due for several weeks. Butwhen her mother suggested she head to PAH, Soto-Hojnowski and husband JohnHojnowski, grabbed the maternity bag they had packed a few days before and setoff. Mom was right. Less than a half-hour after they had checked in, JolynaHojnowski arrived at 12:23 am, weighing 6.9 pounds and 19 3/4 inches long.There was not even time to fill out the proper hospital forms. "It wasliterally push time," said Soto-Hojnowski. The couple, from the Logansection of Philadelphia, had planned to spend New Year's Eve watching fireworksat Penn's Landing, but their daughter had pyrotechnics of a different kind instore for them. ThePhiladelphia Inquirer, 6ABC, and CBS3ran stories about Jolyna and other New Year’s babies.

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