HealthCare's-most-wired-awardsPennMedicine was recently recognized as one of the “Most Wired” health careorganizations in the US. This prestigious award, sponsored by Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine,recognizes US hospitals and health systems for excellence in informationtechnology by measuring their level of information technology adoptionthroughout their organization.

For Penn Medicine,the award highlights the successful efforts of many people who implement andleverage technology to improve the care provided to our patients. In recentyears, these efforts included the introduction of an integrated ambulatoryelectronic medical record and practice management solution among all physicianpractices, deployment of an inpatient clinical documentation solution and themost recent activation of an integrated operating room management system.

The award alsorecognizes the benefits associated with the deployment and adoption of thesenew technologies. Once again, Penn Medicine is recognized as an industrytechnology leader through the deployment of disease specific surveillancesolutions, clinical decision support, clinical alerts, and real time patientsafety and quality dashboards.

The technicalefforts associated with attaining such an award are significant. The PennMedicine Information Services Infrastructure, Application and ProjectManagement Office representatives have worked tirelessly to ensure stability inthese patient centric solutions. Equally important is the operationalparticipation and commitment provided by the user community to ensure thesetechnologies are designed and implemented in a manner that will fit with theirclinical workflow and drive ongoing benefits. This teamwork between InformationServices and Operations has become a cornerstone for success across PennMedicine.

In upcoming years,Penn Medicine seeks to drive further integration of patient data through thedeployment of additional common systems. This strategy will provide ourclinicians with more integrated data and advanced support for a patient’scontinuum of care throughout the ambulatory, inpatient and homecareenvironments. 

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