Richard Nemiroff, MD, of Penn Care OB/GYNat PAH, has been awarded the Clara Bell Duvall Reproductive Freedom Award fromthe American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. He is being honored forchampioning the reproductive rights of women and their families for over 40years.

A Clinical Professorof Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Nemiroff is an avid educator forcardiovascular disease prevention and the comprehensive care of women.

He hashad multiple publications including one of the largest studies on dysgenicpregnancies in OB/GYN literature and actively collaborates with researchers atthe Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to evaluate the multiple factors thatcause degeneration in offspring.

Dr. Nemiroff, knownfor delivering highly sensitive and empathetic care, maintains an activepractice at PAH and Penn Medicine Woodbury Height, NJ.

After receiving hismedical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Dr. Nemiroff completedboth his internship and residency at PAH. After his training in 1974, Dr.Nemiroff remained at PAH for his entire career making significant contributionsto the field of obstetrics and Gynecology, specifically in the area of familyplanning.

Headquartered inPhiladelphia, the Duvall Project defends and advances reproductive rights andliberties in Pennsylvania through research, education, advocacy, and litigationto ensure access to safe and legal reproductive health services for all.