Construction-update-1 Whatdoes a construction site, a laboratory and a kitchen all have in common?They’re all a part of the latest progress being make around the PAH campus toimprove operations, upgrade our facility and make way for new private patientsrooms!

 Theexterior of Penn Medicine Washington Square, is now complete.

Take aquick jaunt down the block to the southwest corner of 8th and WalnutStreets and you can see that the exterior has been completed at Penn MedicineWashington Square (PMWS) – the future site of PAH’s new outpatient carefacility. (See photo.)

“It’sincredible to literally be able to see the progress we’re making at PennMedicine Washington Square,” said KarlaMcCaney, vice president of Facilities Management. In recent past weeks, the "fit-out contractor," J.J. White, Inc., has been mobilized on the site. Theyare responsible for building the interior walls for the patient exam rooms,offices and other support areas that form clinical practice spaces.

Cathcart-Sub-Basement-Lab-2Backat the main hospital buildings of PAH, the future home for Laboratory Servicesare shaping up in the Cathcart Sub-basement. Walls are finished and freshlypainted, the flooring is almost complete and new lab benches are currentlybeing installed. (See photo.)

Labbenches going up in their new space in the Cathcart Building.

Moreto come…
Construction will begin on Preston 6 and 7for the first of the private, patient rooms in February 2013. “While we’reexcited about the prospect of being able to offer our patients private roomsthroughout the Hospital, we have to acknowledge that there may be somedisruptions as the result of continued construction and renovations,” said McCaney.A hospital-wide Construction Noise Initiative has been launched to helpminimize disruptions and discomfort for patients. Representatives fromdepartments throughout the Hospital – from Nursing and Engineering to PatientAccess and Community Relations – are all working together to create and executean effective communications plan to keep patients, visitors and staff wellinformed of all the changes that will occur and when. “We are working very hardto create the calmest, healthiest environment possible for our patients,” addedMcCaney. “It’s important for them to know we are doing everything possible tomitigate any inconvenience they may experience during construction.”

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