Judy-Colla-Clin-Star-Award-1PAH Certified NurseMidwife, Judy Colla, CNM, MPH, has been named a Clinical Star Award(CSA) recipient by the American College of Nurse Midwives Foundation.


Shown L to R are: Jack Ludmir, MD, chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Judy Colla, CNAM, MPH, and Ronald Barg, MD, executive director, CCA.

The CSA recognizesmidwives with exceptional longevity and excellence in clinical practice and thementoring of younger Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) or Certified Midwives(CMs). This clinical excellence award is given to recognize and honorthe midwife with a minimum of 25 years of clinical practice who has committedher career to the day-to-day care of women and the development of new midwives.

Judy hasbeen in clinical practice continuously since 1975, having spent her entirecareer at PAH. As the elder stateswoman of Penn OBGYN and Midwifery Care,Judy’s clinical expertise and experience are widely respected by the nurses,attending physicians, residents and midwife colleagues with whom she works. Shewas one of the first midwives to practice at the hospital and has truly been atrailblazer in our region in women’s health and CNM/MD collaboration.

In1977, Judy and a physician colleague established The Midwife and The Doctor,creating a model of CNM/MD collaboration that had not previously existed. Thepractice was committed to a feminist model of care, seeking to empower womenthrough their experiences during pregnancy and childbirth and creating anetwork of support and camaraderie among a devoted clientele that was extraordinary.

Inprivate practice first, Judy has worked as a full-scope midwife with the long-standingPAH midwifery practice since 1995. She continues to develop her clinicalpractice, staying current with research and practice updates, and is deeplyinvolved with quality assurance initiatives and is a member of the hospital’sobstetric quality assurance committee.

Throughouther career, Judy has been committed to teaching and mentoring midwiferystudents and new midwives. She has precepted countless midwifery students fromher early days of her private practice, through to the present.  She has also been a teacher and mentor fordozens of OB-GYN residents at PAH, introducing them to the miracle of normallabor and childbirth.

“Judyis an outstanding example of midwifery excellence and longevity, havingpracticed continuously for 37 years,” said colleague Pamela Kane, CNM, MSN, from Penn OB/GYN & Midwifery Care. She continues to challenge herself and growin her practice, and to demonstrate a strong commitment to providing a highlevel of quality care to her patients. She is extremely deserving of theClinical Star Award.”