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Every month, PPMC staff members who embody Service, Teamwork, Achievement, and Respect, are named Presby STARs. In addition to earning recognition from their colleagues, these outstanding all-stars also receive a certificate from CEO Michele Volpe and a $100 award.

Each of PPMC’s exceptional STAR employees goes above and beyond in ways big and small. Whether their actions make someone’s day or save someone’s life, these staff members are committed to making a positive impact on patients, visitors, and colleagues every day.

For example, when Sarah Fiordaliso noticed that a patient struggling with depression was having a particularly tough day, she helped them into a wheelchair and took them on an impromptu field trip through the hospital. Her willingness to go the extra mile even while juggling a busy schedule made all the difference in the patient’s mood. Similarly, after Faith Pettyjohn, RN, stopped to help a man who seemed lost, she discovered that he was having a heart attack and was looking for the emergency department. Pettyjohn was able to alert the rapid response team, and the man was successfully taken to the ED for treatment.

Even in especially difficult circumstances, Presby STAR Ashley Rivera’s compassion shines through. When an unresponsive patient was transferred to the Heart & Vascular Intensive Care Unit, his care team began discussing next steps. Rivera recalled that the patient had an out-of-hospital DNR order, so the team called his family. Grateful for the call, they confirmed that their loved one did not want to be intubated or receive aggressive treatment. Rivera’s sensitivity to the patient’s wishes and commitment to communicating with his family ensured that he passed away peacefully on his own terms.

Congratulations to the newest STARs lineup — we are so grateful for the dedication and empathy that you show the PPMC community!


  • Megan Becker, PT, DPT — Physical Therapy
  • Sarah Fiordaliso, CNA — Cupp 3 East
  • Zina Lee — Central Registration
  • Nicholas Moore — PAC 5
  • Ashley Rivera, CNA — Heart & Vascular Intensive Care Unit


  • Irina Chudnovskaya, PT — Physical Therapy
  • Chanel Green, CNA — Nursing
  • Wayne Pendergrass — Environmental Services
  • Faith Pettyjohn, RN — Psych Detox Unit
  • Kelsey Porreca, BSN, RN — Wright 4/5


  • Shernae Banks — Neuro Intensive Care Unit
  • Kim Branch — Neuro Intensive Care Unit
  • Jillian Cakrane, BSN, RN — Cupp 3 South
  • Tiffany Davie, RN — Neuro Intensive Care Unit
  • Cleeford Narcisse — Nursing
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