FlammaAwardPhotoAt the Semiannual Medical Staff meeting on June 10, the Annual David M. Kozart, MD, Medical Staff Award was presented.

The David Kozart, MD, Medical Staff Award is intended to recognize a medical staff member who has demonstrated excellence in patient care and medical staff leadership. This year’s awardee, John Flamma, MD, represents these ideals in wonderful fashion.

Dr. Flamma joined the active medical staff in 1991, immediately after finishing his residency in emergency medicine at Presby. Since that time he’s served on many of the same committees as Dr. Kozart, culminating in his term as president of the medical staff in 2007 and currently serving as Chief of Emergency Medicine at PPMC and Vice-Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Penn.

Dr. Kozart is remembered as a prominent ophthalmologist, beloved mentor, teacher, administrator and medical staff leader revered by colleagues and peers. His outstanding contributions spanned over four decades at PPMC.