PPMC-SICU-teamAn article published in theAugust issue of ADVANCE for Nurseshighlights PPMC’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) nursing team for theirrecent accomplishments and efforts to build on successes by finding ways toimprove patient care.

“As a unit we are always lookingfor ways to grow and enhance patient care," said Joe DiMartino, MSN, RN,SICU nurse manager. "Thanks to a dedicated team of nurses as well as aculture devoted to engaging staff and promoting positive change, our SICUcontinues to reach new heights."

Previously combined with themedical intensive care unit (MICU), the SICU relocated to another floor in2008, giving nurses the opportunity to “hone their skills and dedicatetheir time to the complex patient population they serve,” the article says.

The team’s numerous nurse-driveninitiatives and recognitions are often credited to a focus on teamwork andstaff engagement.

"Our unit and facility as awhole foster a collaborative environment where nurses are empowered to initiatepositive change," said MegWelde, BSN, RN, CCRN, clinical nurse. "Nurses are withpatients 24/7, putting us in the perfect position to improve patientoutcomes."

Other recent initiatives tasked members of the SICU withfinding new ways to reduce un-planned readmissions, lower costs, preventpressure ulcers, and more. 

The Unit’s work was recognized with numerous honors, theAmerican Association of Critical Care Nurse’s Beacon Award.

"Beaconwas a year in the making," said Mary Ann Jones, MSN, RN, CRNP, CCRN."Everyone was involved in preparing the application. Every staff memberfaced the challenge head on and together we were successful."

This approach worked so well that they employed the samemethod when applying for Magnet status, which they achieved in 2012.

"As ateam we are not satisfied with simply maintaining the status quo," saidDiMartino. "We always have the ability to make something better and expandour knowledge, which is exactly what we do in the SICU on a daily basis."

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