At the Universityof Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) we are committed to providing affordablehealth care benefits for all employees and their eligible dependents. One wayto ensure we effectively spend our benefits dollars and provide an equal levelof benefit to all employees is to verify that we are only paying the expensesof eligible dependents as specified in the UPHS Summary Plan Description.

UPHS has decidedto partner with Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) to conduct a DependentEligibility Audit.

ADP will work as a third-party contractor to verify theeligibility of all dependents covered under a UPHS Health plan. The audit isscheduled to occur from November 1, to December 31, 2013. In a couple ofweeks, ADP will directly correspond with those employees who are currentlycovering dependents on a UPHS Health plan requesting the documentationnecessary to verify eligibility of covered dependents.

If you are notcovering a dependent on a UPHS Health plan no action is required.

UPHS Benefits Department

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