FHG photoFrankH. Gardner, MD, a former professor ofMedicine at Penn Medicine and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, died at hishome in Galveston on April 6, at age 93.

Born inCalifornia, Dr. Gardner dedicated his career to the diagnosis and treatment ofcancers of the blood. Following positions early in his career that took him toChicago, San Francisco, and Boston, Gardner served in the US Army Medical Corpsduring the Korean War, stationed at Form Buchanan in Puerto Rico. His work at theTropical Research Medical Laboratory led to significant improvements in thediagnosis and treatment of Tropical Sprue, a debilitating disease affectingthousands of allied troops fighting in jungle climates.

In1966, Dr. Gardner was appointed professor of Medicine at the University ofPennsylvania School of Medicine. He continued his clinical work at thePresbyterian-University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, first as director ofthe Hematology Research Laboratory, and later as director of Medicine. He alsoserved as a consultant in Hematology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphiaand the Philadelphia BA Hospital.

In1975, he moved to Galveston, Texas. In 2004, the Frank H. Gardner ConferenceRoom was dedicated at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, recognizing hisimportant contributions to the University as both an inspirational teacher andrenowned hematologist.

Dr. Gardner is survived by his three sons and twograndchildren. Donations may be made to the Ronald McDonald House or HospiceCare Team, Inc.

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