From L to R: Dan Drake, CEO LIFE, Jennifer Nelson, Jennifer Baciu, Erin Kuhn, James Ballinghoff, and Kevin Hook
The fifth annual Florence Nightingale Recognition Ceremony,“Crossroads: Changing Times in the Profession of Nursing” took a past, present,and future look at nursing at PPMC.

“We are extremely proud of our cadre of nurses,” said JimBallinghoff, MSN, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, interim chief nursing officer.“We hold great admiration and appreciation for each of your uniquetalents, knowledge, compassion, and courage that you so generously share withyour patients, colleagues and the community we serve.”

Ballinghoff cited the selflessness of PPMC nurses whilepresenting a $1,000 check on their behalf to Penn School of Nursing’s LivingIndependently for Elders (LIFE UPenn) program. Dedicated to improving the livesof seniors in West Philadelphia, LIFE UPenn provides all necessary preventive,primary, acute, and long-term health care services to help keep qualified olderresidents living in their homes and contributing to their communities as longas possible.

From cooking stoveson each floor and capping ceremonies thirty years ago, to smart IV pumps, iPadsfor patient education, and greater expectations of nurses than ever, PPMCnurses continuously raise the bar in technology and a consistently high levelof care.

Laura Solano, MSN, RN, CCRN-CMC, CCNS, clinical nursespecialist at PPMC, discussed the current effort to embrace technology. “Mostpeople know about the traditional skills,” Solano said, “but have no idea thatnurses need to program and interpret complex medical equipment and waveforms,and utilize multiple software programs while typing at lightning speed andadapting to almost constant change in products and workflow.”

Solano explained the importance of implementing technologyto “create a more efficient and safe healthcare system that allows nurses moretime at the bedside.”

Kathleen Burke, PhD, RN, CRNP, glimpsed into a futureof nursing at PPMC with more inter-professional teams and building on Penn’stop residency program in the nation while encouraging current nurses to earnadvanced degrees and embrace lifelong learning through Penn Medicine Academy’sonline modules and training programs.

The event honored many award winners, including 2012tri-state regional winners Jim Ballinghoff, for Advancing and Leadingthe Profession, and Jennifer Nelson BSN, RN, CMSRN, CN III whowas named the Winner of the Nightingale of Pennsylvania Volunteerism andService award. Marjorie Lehigh, BSN, RN, MHA, MHed, nursemanager, was also honored as a 2013 regional finalist for Patient & StaffManagement.

Daisy Foundation Daisy Award winners Eileen O’Neil, RN,Asha Gonsalves, BSN, RN, CN II, and Robert McCarthy, BSN, RN, CN II werealso recognized.

Click here to view the event program for a full list of PPMC and UPHShonorees.