Several key holidays in the Christian and Jewish traditions willoccur in March and April. These events can add deep meaning to patients andfamilies being affected by illness and can become great sources for hope andsolace amid health crises. However, they can also cause patients to feel “farfrom home” as hospitalization may disrupt their normal celebration.

For many Christians, Sunday,March 24th (Palm Sunday) marks the beginning of Holy Week, which ends with Easter on Sunday, March 31st. ForEastern or Orthodox Christians who observe the Julian calendar, Holy Week will beginon April 28th, with Easter following onMay 5th.

The Jewish celebration of Pesach (or Passover) begins at sundownon Monday, March 25th and will lastuntil sundown on April 2nd. The firsttwo days and the last two days are observed as special holidays by Orthodox andConservative Jews in the US. “Happy Passover” is an appropriate greeting.

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