Congratulations to PPMC’s winning entries in the 

2012 UPHS Quality and Patient Safety awards!

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PPMC Quality & Patient Safety Award

Fast Track Extubation Guidelines for Select Cardiac Surgery Patients at PPMC SICU
Project Team Members:
Jacob Gutsche, MD
Joseph DiMartino, RN, MSN
Mary Ann Jones, RN, MSN
Kim Volpe, BS, MT, ASCP
Bryan Fagan, RN, BSN
Jeanne Lavelle, RN, BSN
Jackie Skodzinski, RN, BSN
Roseann Rapa, MS, RRT
Jeanmarie Salonia, PharmD
Judith O’Donnell, MD
Danielle Hafetz, RN, BSN, CIC

UPHS-safetyUPHS Quality & Patient Safety Award

Educational and Electronic Medical Record Interventions to Decrease Opioids Dispensed at Discharge in the HUP and PPMC Emergency Departments
PPMC Project Team Members:
Amanda Binkley, PharmD
Christopher Edwards, MD
Gerald O’Neill, MD
Peter Sananman, MD


PPMC-Operational-WinnerImproving the PPMC Critical Values Notification Process
Project Team Members:
Bo Jian, MD
Michael Atweh, MBA, MHA
Roxan Reynolds, MBA, MT(ASCP)
Robert Adkins, BS, MT(ASCP)
Patricia O’Brien, RN, MSN
Kimberly Pavan, MSN, CRNP
Denise Gilanelli, RN, BSN, MS
Kimberly Volpe, BS, MT(ASCP)
Karen Belfi, RN, MSN
Adam McMullen, BS, MLS(ASCP)


 PPMC-honimprovedoorImproving door-to-EKG time in the Emergency Department
Project Team Members:
Kristen Deis, BSN, RN, CEN
Christopher Wm. Edwards, MD, FACEP
Jenelle Elm, MSN, RN
Allen Fasnacht, BSN, RN
John C. Flamma Jr., MD
Tiffany Harris, BSN, RN
Michelle Jackson, BSN, RN
Diane Maccarone, BSN, RN, CEN
Leighann Mazzone, RN, CEN
Lauren McPeake, BSN, RN
Vincent Osborn, BS
Megan Rosso, DO
Gene Valentino, BSN, RN


PPMChonitenseIntense Inventory Management in an Infusion Suite Pharmacy
Project Team Members:
Randy Lynch, PharmD
Nishaminy Kasbekar, PharmD
Elizabeth Larijani, RPh
Robert Sheridan, RPh
Jack Goldberg, MD
Robert Tobin, RN

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