Providing a satisfying patient –- and family -– experience is a priority at HUP. Thank you to all employees who go out of their way to make this happen. And congratulations to the following employees who were picked as winners in November’s Helping People All the Time raffle: 

Judith Wilkins             Security

Thomas Brennan         Security

Zakia Beyah                Patient Accounts

Sheryl Brown               Admissions

Jessica Carter             Perioperative nursing

Mary Davis                  CCU

Brooke Brady               Ravdin 9

Laura Cappetti            Dulles 6

Darryl Johnson             Materials Management

Gary Pantalone            Materials Management

Ki Joung                      Ravdin 6

Sam Schad                   Rhoads 7

Lila Colleluori               Rhoads 7

Holland Robinson          Rhoads 7

William Lawrence         Radiology

Allen Torrance              Radiology

Nina Hall                      Radiology

Natalie  Long                Radiology

Nicole Thomas              Radiology

Luciano Russo               Maintenance

Jeanne Papa                  Ravdin 6

Edward King                   Security

Erin Dolan                      Ravdin 6