Congratulations to the winners of the August Helping People All the Time raffle. If you’d like to submit someone’s name, simply go online and click on “New” at the top of the chart. You can also read previous submissions demonstrating how much employees help our patients. Names can also be submitted on a paper form, available at various locations throughout the hospital.

Siobhan Rock                Silverstein 9

Dorothea Grochowski     Ravdin 6

Melissa White               ICN

Shawn Seay                  Pharmacy           

Kendra Hawkins            Admissions        

Carmen Bernard            OP Financial Counseling              

Amy Moore                   Rhoads 6

Connie Mulli                  Silverstein 11

Katrina  German            Phlebotomy

Deborah Jones              Peri-operative Services

Janeen Dennis              Founders  14

Carl Halsey                   Maintenance    

Debra Green                 Radiology           

Ann Coyle                     Rhoads 7

Julianne Muto               Rhoads 7

Soo Kim                       Rhoads 7

Alexis Weaver              Patient Transport

Kileen Shuda                 Rhoads 7

Gina Sothern                Rhoads 7

Tara Owens                  Rhoads 7

Jodi Sandos                  Social Work        


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