Congratulations to October’s winners in the Helping people All the Time raffle. Click here to submit someone’s name. Or use a paper form available at various locations throughout the hospital.

Guy Bodarky                      Respiratory

Katie Burke                       Nursing

Nathaniel Butler                Telemetry Transport

Carrie Defeo                     Nursing

Nancy Dugan                     Nursing

Rebecca Farrell                 Transplant

Bill Gibson                        Transport Services

Azael Hernandez               Pulmonary Diagnostics

Tra' chelle Lewis                Admissions

Veronica Malenka              Respiratory

Yvonne Mapp                    Oncology Nursing Support

Marcia  McNeely                Radiology

Adrianna Messina              Nursing

Bridget Morrin                   Radiology

Sunny Pallose                    Nursing

Donna Rucci                      Radiology

Samantha Saia                  Nursing

Pasquale Sferra                 Materials Management

Tyrone Taylor                    Nursing

Trudy Thomas                   Nursing

Erin Tolosky                      Nursing

Katie Trifiletti                   Respiratory

John Truitt                        CRM

Jim Trunkwalter                 Radiology

David Yost                         Radiology

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