Pari-TuckerThis year’s CNA award for Spirit of Professionalism went to Pari Tucker of the CICU. According to her nomination letter, she is “an extraordinary CNA with a high level of enthusiasm.”

Tucker “values lifelong learning by consistently inquiring about how she can improve her practice. She frequently asks questions to try to familiarize herself with new procedures so she can better serve her patients. Ms. Tucker  is self-motivated and pro-active in her clinical practice …  always one step ahead of the clinical nurses in taking vital signs and performing hourly rounds.  Ms. Tucker has a special way of making patients and families feel welcomed and equal partners in care.”

Tucker is “conscientious with her patient care delivery which is evident in her interactions with the patients and families, through her documentation in KBC, and positive feedback from patients during leadership rounds and in the Press Ganey Surveys…. Her pride and commitment to world-class care is evident in her daily practice…. [She] is a conscientious, compassionate and diligent CNA.”

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