Chuck-aitkenEach year, the Pennsylvania Society for Health Facility Engineering chooses a health facility or biomedical engineer to receive the Donald M. Sauerman Award for outstanding contributions to the field. This year’s winner is Chuck Aitken, an assistant executive hospital director at HUP and director of Physical Plant.

In nominating Aitken for the award, Garry Scheib, HUP’s executive director, wrote, “In his time at Penn, Chuck has stood out as the best in class in facility management. He has demonstrated team development skills, fiscal responsibility, and stand-out operational management at a very complex hospital, a mix of old and new facilities in an environment of constrained resources.... Chuck’s commitment and dedication are appreciated by all who have had the opportunity to work with him. The nursing department recognized him with the ‘Friend to Nursing Advocacy Award,’ and numerous others cite his devotion to improving patient care as remarkable.”

Aitken, who has worked at HUP for more than 20 years, also received the Maryellen Reilly Leadership Award, earlier this year.

“The key to maintaining a successful facilities environment is having good people work for you, employees who are as dedicated and committed to HUP as I am,” Aitken said.  “No leaders can be successful without great people supporting them. They share my passion."

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