• What happens in the OR?
  • What do my arteries and veins look like?
  • And what the heck are leeches doing in a hospital?!

StethoscopeAnswers to these questions –- and hundreds more –- were part of the annual Take Your Child to Work Day at HUP, when more than 600 kids came to the hospital eager to see and learn. 

Keeping patients safe is a priority at HUP and the demonstration on Ravdin 9 showed kids how our staff does that, for example, using wrist bands to identify certain patients as having a latex or medication allergy, or are at risk for falling. Every child who participated also now knows the five ‘rights’ of giving medication:  right person, right med, right dose, right route and right time.

Kids-to-Work-DayA mock operating room allowed the young visitors --  covered with gowns, gloves, and masks -– to learn the proper way to drape and prepare a patient for surgery. They also discovered that doing CPR is not as easy as it looks. And how cool to actually see what your arteries look like!

Touring the PennSTAR helipad remained a favorite, as was getting a ‘lift’ out of bed! Members of Physical Plant explained how they keep the hospital running smoothly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

A Sin Man portraying a teen riding a bike without a helmet  who ends up in HUP’s trauma bay provided the perfect opportunity for educating kids on this risky behavior.  They also learned what it would be like to be a patient at HUP,  the roles of the doctors and nurses, and how to perform common elements of patient care, such as using a stethoscope or putting in an IV. Adding some episodes of ‘bleeding’ and spitting up made the demonstration really come to life!

Pharmacy-Rhoads-DemoMany thanks to Phyllis Murray of Administration, who once again led this effort. “Thank you to Donna Griffith and team, Cynthia Byrd,  Lucy Rivera, and Dorothy Horne who volunteered their time to serve lunch to the kids and parents.”

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Photos above:

Nathan Iyoop, son of George Iyoop, takes his job of “examining” Connor Henry, son of Erin Henry, seriously.

Showing off their cool casts are (l. to r.): Tionna Gilbert, daughter of Tiffany Frazier, Shaylyn Westmoreland, daughter of Renee Westmoreland, and  Genesis Johnson, daughter of Alicia Johnson.

Troy Rehrig of Pharmacy describes the ins and outs of making drugs for patients to the kids of IS.  With 56 kids – and 32 chaperones – this was by far the largest group to tour the hospital.

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