Congratulations to winners of September’s Helping People All the Time raffle.

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond HUP’s standards of patient care?  If so, submit his or her name on a recognition form at or use a paper form available at locations throughout the hospital.


Andrea Adedoyin    Ravdin 9
Nahree Anderson    Silverstein 9
Colleen Avery    Founders 9
Charlyn Berona    Founders 11
Woodrow Bowie    Patient Transport
Annie Chapman    Ravdin 9
Chris Davis    Radiology
Alysia Diaz    The Admissions Center
Carla Fazio    Rhoads 2
Andrea Ferreria    Dulles 6
William Gibson    Patient Transport
Rosanna John    Silverstein 7
Darryl Johnson    Materials Management
Tara Jones    Rhoads 2
Rita Morrison    Rhoads 6
Kiesha Mowatt    Dulles 6
Dawn O’Malley    Radiology
Morgan Rand    Dulles 6
Jade Rota    Radiology
Danielle Schlupp    Ravdin 9
Kim Selwood    Founders 8
Shannon Snyder    Ravdin 9
Sarah Stein    Silverstein 9


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