Bicycle thefts are steadily increasing in and around the hospital campus:

WHO: Persons arrested have ranged from young juveniles to individuals well into their 50's.
WHAT: Bikes secured with cable or chain locks are being targeted.
WHERE: Bike racks throughout our campus.
WHEN: All hours of the day.
WHY: Bikes have always been a target for thieves; however the increased gas prices have made bikes within the city a valuable and quick sale item.

HUP Security recommends that staff who commute to work on bike purchase and utilize the U-Lock when securing their property. In almost every theft, bikes were secured with cable or chain locks. It also encourages staff to register their bikes with Penn Police. By registering your bike, you will increase the chances of recovery should it be stolen.  You will receive a registration sticker which will help to serve as a visual deterrent.  To register, go to

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