Hoping to lose weight? Quit smoking? Begin an exercise program? Below are just a few of the ways Penn Medicine can help, with resources, tools, and programs aimed at helping employees become healthier.  To learn about these programs and more, go to www.uphshrandyou.com and click on Wellfocused.


  • Quit Smoking! A free tobacco cessation program provides 13 weeks of coaching and nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patch, or lozenge) that will be mailed directly to your home at no cost to you!  All tobacco cessation prescription co-pays are waived as well.  Call 1-866-695-8622 to get started today.
  • Lose Weight! Two convenient weight-loss programs at Penn can help. Weight Watchers is onsite at the Center for Nursing Renewal, and the Albert Stunkard Weight Management Program is located at  3535 Market Street. Also available through Penn Medicine are reimbursements and discounts for enrolling in weight-loss programs.
  • Get Moving! Earn a $150 reimbursement for working out at the gym 120 times per year if you are enrolled in either the Penn Care PPO or KPOS benefit plan through the Independence Blue Cross Healthy Lifestyles Program. Aetna members can receive discounts for home exercise equipment and for joining a gym.
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