GWTCHFHUP has received the Get With The Guidelines – Heart FailureGold Quality Achievement Award from the American Heart Association. The awardrecognizes HUP's commitment and success in implementing excellent care forheart failure patients, according to evidence-based guidelines.

To receive the award,HUP treated heart failure patients with 85 percent compliance for at least 24months to core standard levels of care as outlined by the American HeartAssociation/American College of Cardiology secondary prevention guidelines forheart failure patients.

Get With The Guidelinesis a quality improvement initiative that provides hospital staff with toolsthat follow proven evidence-based guidelines and procedures in caring for heartfailure patients to prevent future hospitalizations and decrease mortality. UnderGet With The Guidelines – Heart Failure, heart failure patients are started onaggressive risk reduction therapies such as cholesterol-lowering drugs,beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, aspirin, diuretics and anticoagulants while inthe hospital. They are also educated about their disease and nutritionalcounseling as well as referrals for cardiac rehabilitation before beingdischarged.


Photo above (L to r):  Tom Ballingall, Evelyn Desmond,Lynn Washington, Michelle Walsh, Leah Moran, Mariell Jessup, MD, and YleniaQuaoit receive the Gold Get with the Guidelines Award from AHA’s TawnyJackson  (third from right).

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