Congratulations to the August winners of the Helping People All the Time raffle. You can now submit recognition forms online at in addition to submitting paper forms at various locations throughout the hospital.

Pamela Bivins Admissions

Stuart Brooks  Silverstein 9

Jaclyn Cardell Founders 9

Briana Cardillo           Silverstein 9

Heather Chilton         Radiology

Fabien Cruz     Silverstein 10

Angelo Defeo Dulles 6

Mark Durand  Ravdin 9

Alexis Gelo  Founders 9

Kimberly Howard    Radiology

Trac’helle Lewis             Admissions

Natalie Long   Radiology

Lilian Medina  Founders 11

Leslie Mishoe  Silverstein 9

Maria Morales Admissions

Chan Nguyen  Founders 11

Heather Nilan  Radiology

Nicole Petsis   Radiology

Sheela Puri      Pharmacy

Elizabeth Shields    Radiology

Megan Stanton              Radiology

Lizzy Thomas  Silverstein 7

Leatreace White    Admissions

Renee Williams             Silverstein 9

Brooke Williams    Radiology
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