Triage-futureThe ED waiting room is undergoing a face lift which will not only update the area but lead to improved patient care.  When completed, the renovation, which started in September, will result in four triage rooms (as opposed to the current two) and three stretcher bays, up from just one.  The waiting room will have additional seating  and be divided into two sections: one with a TV and one with a quiet area.  The restrooms will also be refreshed, said Phillip Gaspari, operations manager of Emergency Medicine.

Starting around the week of Christmas or a little earlier, part of the Ravdin lobby will serve as a temporary waiting room for the ED, allowing construction on the waiting room itself. The area between the escalator and the windows will be walled off; only those coming through the main ED entrance (and the security checkpoint) will have access to this area. “During construction when we have the temporary waiting area, hospital staff will not be able to regularly enter or exit the hospital through the ED entrance.”

The temporary enclosed space in the Ravdin lobby will have both a nurse and security guard 24/7.  A support associate will be there 12 hours a day, he said. The project’s anticipated completion is in February.

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