I had a large tumor on my left kidney. [I was referred] to Alan Wein, MD…. My visits to HUP were two/three times per week involving testing and studies to confirm a complete diagnosis…Dr. Wein performed a cystoscopy and a partial nephrectomy (removal of part of one of my kidneys)… In my 69 years of life, I have never experienced such high quality of patient care, courtesy and commitment in helping a patient cope with a seriously difficult time in his life, from the guy who valet parked your car to the receptionist, technical personnel, nurses and the doctors…. Everyone I met seemed genuinely concerned about my condition, with talk of prayers, etc., all encouraging me to stay positive…. I would like to thank Dr. Wein and his entire staff. They attended to me and addressed all of my medical needs with total mastery and deliberate diligence. In addition, I would like to share my post-operative experience at HUP and highlight two special nurses: Ellie Melton and Mark Durand. Both of these nurses are the essence and meaning of the profession: NURSE.”