Classic-CoffeesJungand Yong Lee of Classical Coffees (located in Penn Tower lobby) received aspecial advocacy award for their kindness:

“My daughter, Susan, was a brain tumor patient who passed awayalmost three months ago.  During the last year and a half of her life wemade many trips into the hospital, as well as the Perelman Center, for variousdoctor visits, brain scans, chemotherapy, etc.  Susan loved Mr. Lee'schicken salad, served on top of a green salad, which she always pronounced themost fresh and delicious she ever had!  There were a few times Susan waswith me when we visited Mr. Lee's cafe, which allowed him to meet her. Most of the time, however, I would run over there to see if he had the chickensalad to take back to my daughter as she sat for chemotherapy.  There werequite a few times when he was out of that particular item, but when he saw mehe would immediately ask how my daughter was, and then proceed to make her afresh salad.  He would even throw in various fruit items because they were"healthy."  On December 23rd of last year we arrived for chemoand as soon as Susan was settled, I ran over to the cafe only to find Mr. Leeall packed up and ready to leave for the holiday.  When he saw me he puteverything down to look through one of his bags and came up with the chickensalad!  He also threw in some fruit and would not take any money at allbecause the register was already closed.  I offered to give him moneyanyway, but he refused, saying he hoped we had a nice holiday.

It may seem like a small thing, but kindness like that, in the midst of dealingwith such pain and trauma, touched me deeply, and I want to let everyone whoreads this HUPdate to know of thiscaring and generous man.  I will never forget him.”

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