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Penn Global Medicine communicates regularly with you and your family to assist in travel planning, document coordination and appointment scheduling.

As an international patient, you are given the highest-quality medical care available, on-site concierge assistance and services tailored to your personal and cultural needs.

When the treatment is complete, Penn Global Medicine remains as your key point of contact to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.

What to Expect Before a Visit to Penn

Remote Medical Record Review

Penn Global Medicine will arrange for a review of your medical records. This review is performed by Penn Medicine specialists to help develop a treatment plan and to inform you of the latest treatment options available at Penn Medicine. This service is offered to you at no fee. Second-opinion services are also available for an additional fee. You must complete a HIPAA form and an intake form prior to us reviewing medical records.

Appointment Scheduling

Penn Global Medicine schedules your initial and follow-up appointments. We will provide you with appointment times and locations, along with other important information, prior to your arrival at Penn Medicine.

Document and Record Coordination

The Penn Global Medicine team assists you and your family in obtaining a visa by providing a letter stating that you will be receiving care and treatment at Penn Medicine. This step is completed once we have reviewed your case in full and received payment for treatment.

We will also assist in coordinating any travel and medical documents necessary for your trip to the United States.

Medical Documentation

We require the following documentation in order to schedule your first appointment. Failure to provide these records may delay your treatment. In some cases, you may be asked to mail these materials to Penn Medicine before your arrival.

  • Medical reports— Bring a hard copy of all medical reports that you have provided to your international patient assistant and any new reports that you have gathered since then. 
  • VISA—When your appointment is confirmed, you will receive a packet of information that includes a visa letter. This important document verifies your appointment at Penn Medicine and estimates the time needed for your initial evaluation and treatment. This letter must be taken to a U.S. embassy or consulate when you apply for a visa. Only a U.S. embassy or consulate can grant visas. You can apply for a U.S. visa online..

    We strongly recommend that you obtain a B1 (business) or B2 (pleasure) visa, in case you need to extend your stay. The initial trip to Penn Medicine may only require a short stay, but it is important to have the flexibility to stay longer once a treatment plan is recommended. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) obtains I-94 arrival and departure information for air and sea travelers from electronic travel records. CBP will still issue a paper form I-94 at land border entry points.

    For more information about visas, visit U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What to Expect During Treatment at Penn

When you arrive, you will be greeted by a Penn Global Medicine representative and escorted to your accommodations or medical appointment. During your stay, a Penn Global Medicine team member is available at all times to offer you and your family assistance with:

  • Banking assistance
  • Cultural needs
  • Dietary requests
  • In-town travel/attractions information
  • Personal needs
  • Religious/pastoral care services

What to Expect After Departure from Penn

Medical Records

Following your treatment, we will provide you with both paper and electronic copies of your medical records, along with any radiology films. You will also have access to your medical records through myPennMedicinea free, secure, online health management tool for patients.

Discharge Coordination

When your treatment is complete, your care team will organize discharge plans and medical equipment on your behalf. They will also inform you about any follow-up care instructions you may need.

Follow-up Communication

Following your treatment, a Penn Global Medicine representative will continue to be your point of contact for any questions or needs, including assistance with return travel home, medical records, billing and future appointments.

In This Section

Language and Cultural Services

Penn Medicine is culturally-sensitive to the needs of our international patients and will provide services according to interpretation needs, dietary requirements, religious beliefs and personal values.

Remote Second Opinion

Penn Medicine offers remote second opinions to international patients to help them make informed health care decisions.

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