Penn Medicine is culturally-sensitive to the needs of our international patients and will provide services according to interpretation needs, dietary requirements, religious beliefs and personal values.

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Language/Interpretation Services

Penn Medicine offers medical interpretation in more than 140 languages at no cost for international patients. Interpretation may be provided by onsite professionals or through the telephone.

Please let us know if you need an interpreter when making an appointment. We can also arrange for interpreter services for non-medical related needs (outside Penn Medicine) for a fee.

Cultural Preferences and Needs

Penn Medicine embraces and respects cultural diversity. We will incorporate your personal values into your health care plans. The Penn Global Medicine team has worked closely with patients and doctors from other countries for many years. Our care coordinators are familiar with other cultures, languages and dietary customs. We will help you and your family throughout your visit so you can focus on healing.

  • Diverse spiritual support—Penn Medicine has all-faith chapels in each hospital and offers religious services. We also have prayer rooms for our praying community.
  • Custom dietary options—Meals are made according to your needs and preferences.

Penn Medicine is also a leader in transfusion-free medicine (also known as bloodless medicine) should you require it due to cultural or religious beliefs. Please speak with your Penn Global Medicine care coordinator for more information.

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