Choosing a living liver donor transplant requires the donor and recipient to undergo a series of screenings, appointments, treatments, and procedures. At Penn Medicine, our highly trained transplant physicians, nurses, counselors and surgeons work with patients and their families during this process.

  • Choosing to Donate a Liver

    If you are considering becoming a living liver donor, you should understand the process and the specific qualifications you need to meet. There are also risks and benefits to consider when donating an organ.

  • Liver Recipient Qualifications

    Penn Medicine uses the MELD scoring system to prioritize liver transplant cases. However, other considerations are taken into account such as severe symptoms that are affecting quality of life and other factors not reflected in the MELD score.

  • Living Liver Donor Transplant Surgery and Recovery

    Get details about living donor liver transplant surgery and recovery. Read about the process and get information about liver donor costs and coverage.

  • Why Penn?

    Penn Medicine is widely known for its exceptional patient outcomes, innovative treatment programs, and advanced clinical research. Read why Penn is your choice for a living liver donor transplant.

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