To ensure the safety and well being of the donor candidate and the intended recipient, a series of screenings, appointments, treatments and procedures are necessary. At Penn Medicine, our highly trained transplant physicians, nurses, counselors and surgeons work closely with patients and their families during this process.

  • Choosing to Donate a Kidney

    If you are thinking about donating a kidney, it is important to understand the donor evaluation process, as well as the risks and benefits associated with donating.

  • Types of Kidney Donations

    Understand the various types of live kidney donations and how they may affect you or your loved one.

  • Why Penn?

    Penn Medicine is widely known for its exceptional patient outcomes, innovative treatment programs, and advanced clinical research. Read why Penn is your choice for a live kidney donor transplant.

  • Surgery and Recovery

    It's important to understand the different surgical techniques and recovery process for a living kidney donor transplant. Read about your options here.

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