What is a "Fast Breast MRI Study"?

While the conventional breast MRI study is tailored for women with a very high risk for developing breast cancer (such as BRCA1/2 genetic mutations, etc.), the "fast MRI" is for women with dense breast tissue who do not meet the lifetime breast cancer risk level for a full MRI study but desire additional or supplemental screening.

Although scientific studies have demonstrated that the Fast MRI is effective in detecting invasive breast cancers, it is not designed to detect the spectrum of diseases that can be detected by a full breast MRI exam. For women with dense breasts, supplemental screening is sometimes recommended to detect cancers that might not be visible on your mammogram. However, as with any screening exam, additional non-cancerous lesions may also be detected that may require biopsy or additional follow up.

What To Expect

The Fast MRI requires an injection of contrast so an IV will be placed in your arm prior to the start of the study. The entire study takes about 10 minutes and contrast will be given through the IV. The study will be interpreted and the results will be sent to your doctor.

Who Should Get this Procedure?

The Fast MRI is meant to be a supplemental screening study for women with dense breast tissue. Mammography is still recommended and the Fast MRI study is not meant to replace mammography. Since it is a MRI study, there is no radiation associated with the Fast MRI study.

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