Grief Reach Program Stable Connections event
Families spent the afternoon on the farm with the Gateway HorseWorks team, gaining a deeper self- understanding and bonding as families through unmounted activities with the horses.

The loss of loved one or a significant family member is often a game changer for young families. The process of grieving is unique to each member of a family but has an overall impact on the functioning of the family unit. The losses are many and families often struggle with reconnecting to the world and each other.

The Grief Reach Program is targeted to young families who are on that journey of discovering the new "normal" for their family. The goal of program is to create a safe environment for families to share in activities that encourage re-connection and creating new memories as a family. It provides an environment to engage in creativity, adventure and fun, while remembering their loved one.

"It was very encouraging and uplifting to connect with other families and share our different experiences in the healing process." - Mother of a 15-year old

Mother and three sons at The Power of Drumming Grief Reach Program event
The Grief Reach group experienced the power of nonverbal communication and how drumming can be a powerful and safe vehicle for both telling your story and transformation. Each participant made a drum that they took home with them.
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Grief Reach events are offered to grieving families throughout the year, free of charge. Families are encouraged to connect with each other while enjoying fun and unique shared experiences.

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Volunteer with the Grief Reach Program

Volunteers are an integral part of the Grief Reach Program. They support at events, help in planning events, and fundraiser to make the events possible.

"We've enjoyed everything. Most of the activities were new to us and thoroughly enjoyed. [Penn Medicine] Hospices' staff and volunteers were great. It is a great program. My kids and I appreciate all the work that Penn's program staff put into each event." – Mother of a 7 and 12-year old

Grief Reach Program group at Holiday Meal event
Families made a brunch style meal under the tutelage of staff at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. They got to eat it together and take home the recipes too!

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