Helping individuals and couples get pregnant through embryo donation, a form of third-party reproduction

Penn Fertility Care offers infertile couples the chance to successfully achieve pregnancy. Using a donor embryo is an excellent form of treatment for couples that have been unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy either on their own or through assisted reproductive technologies with their own eggs, and for those who have experienced multiple pregnancy losses.

We receive donated cryopreserved embryos from patients who have gone through in vitro fertilization treatment. When these couples have completed their family, they are given the opportunity to anonymously donate their unused frozen embryos for potential use by recipient couples.

The recipient couples view the profiles of donated embryos (i.e., medical history of the donating couple) and select the embryos they would like to use. Our practice does not match recipient couples with donated embryos. We believe the embryo selection is an important decision that should be made by the recipient couple.

We understand that all patients face a unique set of circumstances regarding their fertility. We offer personalized services to assist you throughout the entire donor embryo process. From initial consultation through the implantation process, our staff are available to answer your questions.

Those interested in either donating or receiving embryos at Penn Fertility Care, can call 800-789-7366 (PENN).

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