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Do physicians at Penn Center for the Female Athlete care for gymnasts and dancers?

Absolutely. Our team includes physicians specializing in treatment for injuries from these sports. Upon requesting an appointment, you will be directed to the physician that will best be able to treat you.

I’m not a serious athlete. Can I make an appointment at Penn Center for the Female Athlete?

Yes, we welcome patients of all ages participating in any level of physical activity. Whether you are training for your first race or are aiming to win your next one, we will treat and help to get you back to doing what you love.

Is physical therapy available through Penn Center for the Female Athlete?

Physical therapy is available: We have many skilled physical therapists that are part of our team. If your physician believes physical therapy is a necessary part of your treatment, they will direct you to the type of therapist which best matches your needs.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Please come prepared to describe your injury, how it occurred and the symptoms (swelling, pain, etc.) you’ve experienced. An up-to-date history of any previous injuries is also an asset that will help our team as they prescribe potential treatments.

Do physicians from Penn Center for the Female Athlete also treat men?

Yes. The physicians affiliated with the Penn Center for the Female Athlete treat all patients at Penn outside of the Penn Center for the Female Athlete. See the individual physician’s Penn Profile for more information on scheduling an appointment.

When should I make an appointment?

When pain or injury is limiting you from doing the activities you love. Pro-active performance visits (for elite athletes) are welcome and encouraged.

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