Many individuals, who experience the benefits of mindfulness in their personal lives, work and relationships develop a desire to bring mindfulness into the world by becoming a meditation teacher. The Penn Program for Mindfulness offers two primary options:

  1. Practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Management
  2. Certificate in Mindfulness-based Stress Management
  3. Additional Training Opportunities

All training options require participants to have completed, at minimum, the 8-week foundation course.  Additional prerequisites apply as you progress through training with our program. 

The teacher training programs are facilitated by Michael Baime, MD co-founder and Director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness and Karen Bowles, MD, Director of Professional Mindfulness Training.  Other facilitators include Gabriel Rocco, MA and Mara Wai, MEd who also provides personal coaching. Learn more about all of our instructors here.

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