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Personalized coaching, provided by Mara Wai, Mind-Body Coach and Associate Director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness, combines foundational elements of mindfulness with specialized mind and body awareness tools to support you to:

  • apply mindfulness to a specific challenge or stressor
  • explore areas too personal or too intense to address in a group setting
  • deepen your insight into and awareness of mind and body patterns that contribute to habitual “cycles of reactivity” including
    • beliefs or thought patterns that drive uncomfortable emotions and undesired behavior
    • the experience of emotions that “fuel” the cycle
  • “disrupt” habitual reactivity cycle to experience greater ease and relaxation of body and clarity of mind
  • align your inner experience with your outer actions (what you want guides what you do)
  • establish a more personalized, ongoing daily practice
  • identify and follow-through with personal goals

For individuals with existing mindfulness experience, one-on-one mentoring and coaching is a wonderful way to personalize and support your mindfulness practice and personal growth.

Find more information about coaching options here, email, or call 215-615-2774

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