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"Dr. Karen Bowles is a really gifted teacher. She showcases the power of mindfulness in her facilitation of the course and real life examples. I like the group format and the all day was a very positive experience. I appreciate the homework including the audio practice sessions — it was well constructed and deeply enhanced the learning."

Suzanne M.

"The program is very well organized, constructed, and led. It's designed to help you succeed in practicing mindfulness. It's also very interesting and diverse and it does well in keeping your attention."

Robert S.

"I think it was extremely important that the instructor prepared us for what we were doing-starting with the 1st week by telling us that we would really benefit from doing the assignments and reinforcing that every week."

Lori M.

"All of the presenters and staff members model the value of mindfulness meditation so thoroughly — it has been very motivating. Thank you!"

Carol R.

"An excellent program, with outstanding instructors. Really helped me get a handle on the stress in my life, has helped me focus, and put me on an even keel."

David P.

"This class gave me a tool box I can open up anytime to take out what I need. It feels bottomless and has every tool I could ever need to live a full and meaningful life."

Natanya S.

"In short, the program exceeded my expectations-it was extremely professional and I am happy that I decided to attend. As for suggestions on how to change the program I have none."

Danny O.

"Thank you for the wonderful program. It exceeded my expectations. It provided a safe and compassionate space to be, share, and learn. (Director) Michael's passion about this practice is contagious and refreshing. It changed my life!"

Lorella P.

"This course was fantastic. It has changed my life and given me so many tools for living a healthier life. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this course. Thank you."

Michael M.

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