Since 1992, the Penn Program for Mindfulness provides innovative mindfulness-based solutions for the workplace and other community organizations. We are experts at adapting mindfulness and meditation techniques to meet the needs of varied worksites. Our programs provide an engaging and effective introduction to mindfulness-based stress management. Participants will learn how to apply mindfulness techniques to improve performance, manage personal and professional challenges, and enhance overall well-being.

Sample Offerings Include:

Introductory Mindfulness Programs

(range from one-hour presentations to three-hour workshops)

These programs provide an overview of how mindfulness works and the practice of mindfulness-based stress management. Didactic, experiential and interpersonal exercises help participants experience the benefits of mindfulness-based tools for use in personal and professional settings. The interactive presentation emphasizes practical applications of the techniques. Programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your audience. 

Keynote Presentations

(with Michael Baime MD, Founder and Director, Penn Program for Mindfulness)

Dr. Baime began teaching mindfulness as a physician to support his patients with the challenges of illness. He has developed and facilitated mindfulness programming to serve a wide range of audiences, including educators to support teaching and learning; health care professionals to enhance empathy and deepen the therapeutic relationship; seriously ill individuals to cope with symptoms and manage the challenges of illness; and worksite leaders, employees, and targeted groups of professionals, to enhance focus, communication and work/life balance. At the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Baime is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine. He has developed and led numerous courses on mindfulness meditation and mind-body medicine and has published research in psychology, business, cognitive neuroscience and medicine. Dr. Baime has received the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Teaching at Penn as well as the Appel award for student work in psychiatry. In 2016 he was the recipient of the American College of Physicians Award for Distinguished Contributions in Behavioral Medicine. He is known for his innovative educational programming and his interactive and engaging presentations that combine cutting-edge science with practical solutions for enhancing productivity and managing stress. Presentations can include follow-up readings and audio recordings for participants to continue to practice mindfulness after the program.

Mindfulness-based Stress Management Courses

(eight weekly sessions and a full-day retreat)

This program is based on our signature offering and provides a complete approach to cultivating mindfulness and applying it in personal life. Over 20,000 individuals in the Philadelphia region have completed this program, and participant evaluations are extraordinarily enthusiastic. Mindfulness training can increase productivity, improve communication, and maximize customer satisfaction while showing your employees that you care about their well-being. This comprehensive program can be adapted to fit into your worksite schedule, and is offered on-site at employer locations or at an external location.

Personalized Mind-Body Coaching/Consultation

(individual client sessions)

Personalized coaching and mentoring sessions are tailored to support individuals to apply mindfulness to a specific issue or stressor and deepen insight into mind and body habits that contribute to reactivity. Sessions include foundational elements of mindfulness with specialized mind and body awareness tools to help clients cultivate greater ease and relaxation in body and clarity in mind, and align one’s inner experience with outer actions.

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All programs can be configured to support the specific needs of your audience.

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