Penn’s Program for Mindfulness offers a variety of workshops that teaches businesses and professionals how to apply mindfulness practices within the workplace.

Since 1992 we have taught over 10,000 people, providing innovative mindfulness-based solutions for the public, patient, and community groups and businesses. Teachers, students, and counselors in the United States and beyond are also incorporating simple mindfulness practices into their everyday routines to promote self-awareness, mental focus, and stress management. 

We are experts at adapting mindfulness and meditation techniques to meet the varied needs of worksites and organizations. With our training, participants learn how to apply mindfulness techniques to better manage personal and professional challenges, decrease stress, improve attention, and enhance overall well-being. Remarkably, over 99% of the people who have completed our programs say they would recommend our training to others.

Our programs are engaging and an effective introduction to mindfulness-based stress management. We offer a variety of program options as well as customization to meet your workplace needs.

Some of our popular options include:

  • Introductory presentations and workshops
  • Abbreviated mindfulness-based stress management courses
  • Our signature eight-week foundations course

For more information or to register, email, or call 215-615-2774.

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