In addition to our primary offering of the 8-week MBSR course, The Penn Program for Mindfulness offers a variety of educational and informational programming throughout the year. All programs listed here are open to the public and do not require any experience with mindfulness.

Special Classes

Examples of these kinds of classes we offer periodically, may include topic-specific courses such as Mindful Writing, courses for special populations such as cancer patients or teens and tweens or mindful movement.

Introductory Workshops

Introductory workshops provide an overview of how mindfulness is taught and learned. They are typically offered several times throughout the year in and around the Philadelphia area and South Jersey. These programs are informational in nature and not intended as training in mindfulness.

Special Events

These programs can include visiting speakers and instructors, topic-oriented lectures and seminars and community-building talks. All of these programs are open to the public and do not typically require experience in mindfulness. 

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